1. "Good to see you, isn’t there", 2013-2014

    -part of a group exhibition at INDEX gallery, Vancouver BC.
    February 2013.

    Curated by Scott Lewis. 

  2. Pricks (No Control), 2012, Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life, 2001–2013 and untitled (after Attila), 2011 -were my contribution to Micah Lexier's curated exhibit, “More Than Two (Let It Make Itself)”, which ran from Sept 2013 - Jan. 2014 at The Power Plant, Toronto.


  3. "Made-up and true stories are narrated in the same way. There’s an art to it."
  4. Installation photos from POSTER; featuring work from myself and Jesse Harris.
    On view now at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery.

    67 West st. #320, Brooklyn, NY 11222

  5. "Poster" opens tonight at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery.
    Brooklyn, NY

  6. Self Portrait (V), 2012-2013

    Self Portrait (VI), 2012-2013

  7. Self Portrait (II), 2012-2013

    Self Portrait (III), 2012-2013

    Self Portrait (IV), 2012-2013

  8. Self Portrait (I), 2012-2013

  9. Untitled (the blues), 2012


  10. Dungeon Studio



    Six feet deep.

    underground studio.

  11. Untitled (handrails), 2013


  12. thesupremecourtofcanada:



    Our friend Jeremy Jansen made us another mixtape. It’s the shortest mixtape ever made. 3 songs/1 minute. 

    1. Upright Citizens - Long Songs
    2. Dead Kennedys - Short Songs
    3. Capitalist Casualties - Moron



  13. "I fill in the gaps of the crossword at any spot I happen to choose."
  14. Untitled (4nails), 2013.

    This work is for sale through Art Metropole’s GRID SYSTEMS: Gifts by Artists Exhibition and Sale.

    How to purchase & more details HERE.

  15. Untitled (bird shit rug w/ found cement chunk), 2013
    -was my contribution to the Leslie "SPIT" group show that happend one night with a buch of artists along the beach in Toronto this past September. 

    Photos by: Catherine Lutes